Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Seed list

Fresh 2015 Yacon Crowns Available, (listed below with new pricing) 
2016 seed list update coming soon.  
We give thanks for completion of another cycle and productive year.   In these times of change and pressure from all forces, the work here seems ever more important.  We are happy to offer 2 new (to us) cultivars of Yacon, some new colors of Oca and as well as other new treasures.
 We are Peace Seedlings (Dylana Kapuler and Mario DiBenedetto), a next generation of public domain plant breeders and seed saving stewards of diversity. We continue the work of the growing legacy of Peace Seeds (Alan and Linda Kapuler). Peace Seeds and Peace Seedlings are separate companies although work out of the gardens and collaborate on many crops, but each having some unique different offerings and focuses. We all continue to evolve and adapt like the precious seeds we offer.  We are committed to the ever more importance of breeding and adapting new vegetables for our time and looking beyond the food plants that dominate our food system for more diversity to sustain us. We also focus on offering and growing the important and sustaining Andean root vegetables.
We grow everything organikally, the K is for know your farmer and know your source. All varieties are open-pollinated bred and selected by us. All are public domain, some very new,  and others very old,  trusted selected heirlooms.  Squash and zucchini  are hand pollinated to insure true cultivars. In our continuing work of preserving heirlooms at the same time as breeding new varieties and growing diversity,  occasional crossing happens (less then 1%).  So, occasional rogue plants can happen in a seed batch.   We strive to perserve the lines we offer but evolution is always in process.  Thanks for gardening and being part of the process.
We grow, save, clean, and pack all the seed we sell.
With a little help from family and friends more is possible.
Thanks for supporting public domain plant breeding.
Dylana and Mario

Please send your order and a check or money order to:
Peace Seedlings
2385 SE Thompson St
Corvallis, OR 97333
This list is organized according to the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group System=APG3 (how plants are related)
MONOCOTS-                   Minimuim seeds per pack / Price
Camassia leichtlinii       Maturity 3-5 years                   50/ 3.00
A major native food plant, with blue-purple flowers. 
Camassia quamish  Blue purple flowers                       30/ 3.00
Garlic- Italian Purple Allium sativum                  
Easy peeling large cloves, 8-10/rosette; bulbils make large rosettes if well fed, and spaced.                          30 top bulbils/ Out of stock
Leeks-   Winter Giant Allium porrum
Excellent creamy, vigorous heirloom.                             100/ 4.00
Italian Bottle Neck Allium cepa                                   50/ 4.00
Beautiful productive, tall red bulbs, Italian heirloom.
Ishikura Bunching Allium fistulosum                         100/ 4.00
Essential garden greens, cut them at the ground and they will
grow again.we have a row that has been re-growing for 4 years.
Rosy Opal Allium cepa                                                 50/ 4.00
Beautiful  large pink onions.  A cross of 2 heirloom sweet onions. Selected from K- S  Grex a Peace Seeds original.
Red Milan Allium cepa                                                 50/ 4.00
Italian heirloom, great storage onion.
Newburg Allium cepa                                                   100/ 4.00
Excellent long storing yellow onion, Original by Peace Seeds.
Arabian Blue Hulless Hordeum vulgare                                 50/3.00
Karan 16 Naked Hordeum vulgare   Hulless               50/3.00
Susie’s Peruvian Hulless Hordeum vulgare                            50/3.00
Very easy threshing and productive, brought from Peru. 
Crimean Red Winter Triticum aestivum Easy to thresh 50/3.00
Ethiopian Blue Hulless Triticum aestivum                 50/ 3.00
Xerpha Hulless Triticum aestivum                              50/ 3.00
Rye- Hulless Secale cereale                                          50/ 3.00
BroomCorn- Sorghum vulgare  Mix of colors.            50/ 3.00
Corn- All our corns are our own public domain varieties.
Double Red Sweet Zea mays                                    1 oz/ 6.00
Intense purple seeds from anthocyanin pigments similar to the ones found in blueberries. Delicious dark  purple corn bread. Plants 5-7 feet tall, 1-2 ears per stalk. Excellent corn on the cob. 20 years of work by Peace Seeds and 7 yrs collaboration with Peace Seedlings.
Fire on the Mountain Sweet Zea mays                      1 oz/ 6.00     Vigorous cold hardy small colorful plants, with early beautiful dark multi colored cobs, a child of Painted Hill Sweet Corn.  Bred by Peace Seedlings.
Red Rainbow Inca Sweet                                            1 oz/ 6.00
6-8 ft plants that are red and green.   Mostly red cobs and seeds, some cobs are rainbows of purple, orange, red, and white seeds.  Unique sweet corn,  Peace Seedling origional.
Rainbow Inca Sweet Zea mays                                  1 oz/ 5.00            
Bred in the late 1970’s by Alan  Kapuler. Unique 8 foot green plants, 2 ears/plant, young seeds yellow and white, maturing late with a rainbow.                                                                                     
 True Gold Sweet Zea mays                                         1oz /5.00
Excellent classic gold sweet corn, an open pollinated selection from the original 1955 American hybrid, by Peace Seeds Green plants are 5-7 feet tall, 2-3  yellow cobs per plant.
Job’s Tears Coix lacryma-jobi                                     30/ 3.00
A shorter season Chinese edible cultivar. Beautiful seed beads.
Foxtail Setaria italica                                                    50/ 3.00
Beautiful grain, great for bouquets, birds love to eat it.
Purple Majesty Millet Pennisetum glaucum               30/ 3.00
Outstandingly beautiful, purple tops and leaves.
Celery- Sochnyi Apium graveolans                             50/ 3.00
 Great german cultivar, from a seed saver in Belarus.
Celeriac- Celery Root
Maxim  Apium graveolens var. rapaceum
Nice roots,  from a gardener in Belarus.                         100/ 3.00
Anita Apium graveolens var. rapaceum                        100/3.00
 German celeriac
Cilantro- Coriandrum sativum         50/ 3.00
Popular herb for salsa, and salads, aka coriander.
Dill- Ambrojia Anethum graveolens
Excellent culinary cultivar                                                50/ 3.00
Parsley- Turkish Petroselinum crispum                       50/3.00 Vigorous aromatic, tasty leaves, hardy
Parsnip- Hollow Crown Pastinaca sativa                   50/ 3.50
European Heirloom; long roots, large crowns,
Asters- Stellar Callistephus chinensis                          50/ 3.00
3-4in pink flowers on 2 ft  annual plants, great cut flowers.  
Garden Eyes     Callistephus chinensis                         50/ 3.00
Great multi-tone flowers, a mixture of pinks and purples, on 2-3 ft plants, long lasting cut flowers.
Burdock-  Takinogawa Arctium lappa                        40/ 3.00
Long edible roots, supurb tasting, and medicinally nutritious.
Watanabe Burduck Arctium lappa                             40/ 3.00
Earlier maturing and shorter roots
Calendula officinalis                                                      30/ 3.00
 Shades of yellow & orange, singles & doubles
Chamomile- Matricaria recutita                                  100/3.00
Pick young buds for tea, medicinal, re-seeding hardy annual.
Cosmos sulphureus-                                                     30/ 3.00
Bright orange, beautiful 3-4 foot plants, great edges.                   
Dahlias- Mystery Mix Dahlia hortensis                     30/ 3.00
Diverse mix of unique flowers, singles and new doubles.
Grindelia integrifolia (Gumweed)
Valley native, medicinal used to remedy Posion  Oak and skin irritations.           50/ 3.00
Lettuce- Lactuca sativa All : 100 seeds min/ 3.00 per pack
Batavia Laura Vigorous green, spring crisp head.      
Batavia Cheena Bright green ruffly, loose head          
Buttercrunch Excellent spring butter-head.          
Conrasta All season, loose-head, green bronze plants.        
Fever Bronze loose-leaf romaine, very nice
Gardener’s Mix a grow out of 18 varieties.     
La Brilliant green ruffly leaf, crisp head, long lasting
Morgana Red oak-leaf loose-leaf, hardy                      
Pirat bronze-green butter head                         
Purplus Intense dark purple loose-leaf
Purple Oakleaf heirloom loose-leaf                              
Rouge D’Hiver Red-green winter buttercos, heirloom
Red Flamingo Beautiful ruffled leaves, from China
Red Iceburg as kids we wanted Iceburg, so here is the one we got, beautiful and delicious.  
Reuben’s Red Romaine Nice upright red romaine
St. Vincent A large and vigorous British loose-leaf.   
Sandrina Large green all season butter-head, European.
Speckled Oakleaf  Mottled red and green oakleaf
Strela Green Beautiful starbursts, pointed leaves pre-1500.
Yugoslavian Romaine Green 
Marigolds- Unique  breeding, by Peace Seeds and Peace Seedlings. Bright beautiful bushes make bouquets for months.     
China Cat Mix Tagetes patula                                     50/ 3.00
A mix of single and double flowers, 2-4 ft. shrubs, covered with marvelous colors and patterns
Frances’s Choice Tagetes patula                                  50/ 5.00
In honor of Frances Hoffman, lifetime seed saver horticulturist, and faire godmother, this was her pick.  Gets 3 to 5 feet, beautiful long stems, single burgundy flowers with gold edges.
Golden Star Tagetes patula                                          50/ 5.00
3 ft. bushes of yellow and orange flowers that change color during the season…
La Ribera Tagetes erecta                                             50/ 5.00
Mostly double 2-4 inch orange flowers, on 3-6 foot bushes.
Oregon Lei Mix,  Tagetes patula                                 50/ 4.00 
Yellows, oranges, reds and all the combos, mostly double.
Red Metamorph Tagetes patula                                  50/ 5.00
A fine garden hedge, 3 foot shrubs, 3-4 feet  round with hundreds of blooms, whose blooms change with the seasons.
Sparkler Tagetes patula                                                50/ 5.00
3-4 foot bushes, 2 inch double red and yellow flowers, get firey, as the cold creeps in, beautiful.
Rudbeckias- Gloriosa Mix Rudbeckia hirta               30/3.00
Beautiful double burgundy orange flowers.
Spilanthes- Acmella oleracea                                       25/ 3.00
Potent numbing medicinal, also known as the toothache plant
Sunflower- Supreme Mix, Helianthus annuus          
Excellent mix,  polyheaded and large single headed; early and late flowering; single, double, a variety of colors, super tall, branching, gorgeous shows. Includes crosses with the Texas endemic Helianthus argophyllus.
50/ 3.00; 1oz(about600s)/ 5.00  Bulk available.
Mexican sunflower Tithonia roundifolia                     25/ 3.00
Beautiful soft 5 ft plants with 3in brilliant orange flowers.
Strawflower Mix Helichrysum bracteolatum              50/3.00
Great cut flowers fresh and dried, lasting long.
Sunset mix Zinnia violacea (elegans)                           50/ 3.00
Brilliant summer color, doubles and singles, tall, beautiful mix always changing, always interbreeding, always blowing our minds.
Morfire Mix  Zinnia violacea                                       25/ 5.00
Amazing interbreeding populations of tall plants with red and pink multitone flowers with gold edging, these flowers are spectacular as fall morphs them with beauty. Peace Seedlings original.
Zinnia haageana                                                          25/ 3.00
Beautiful 2-3 foot bushy plants, with a mix of 2 to 3 tone 2in flowers; burgundy, red, gold, long lasting.
Yacon- Smallanthus sonchifolius
Crowns available November to February  
Productive South American food plant,  called “the apple of the Andes”. A floral sweet crunchy root, harvested after frost,  then cured, for sweeter roots.  Tubers  cure up  delicious after a week or two in the shade of a humid greenhouse.
Original- The original yacon variety that has been propagated in the Pacific North West for the last couple of decades.   A prolific producer of tubers that cure up deep red skin with red flesh around the edges.                        
 $35 per pound of crowns
Crystal- A very productive new cultivar making some of the biggest yacon tubers we have grown.  Tubers and crown hold together.  Plants stay fuzzy green through the fall. Tubers turn light red on skin and have a beautiful white crystalline chatoyancy in the flesh.    $40 per pound of crowns 
Morado- Productive beautiful new variety, tubers are purple/red when they are fresh dug.  When cured the tubers are deep purple/burgundy with pink flesh and sweet.   Morado also starts flowering early September with 1in. yellow flowers and purple/green leaves.  Crowns are smaller and more compact.  $60 per pound of crowns
Yacon shipping:
 1-2 pounds       $10
3-4 pounds        $20
5-8 pounds        $40
Valerian Valeriana officinalis sedative                          50/ 3.00
Bellflower Campanula medium                                                100/3.00
 Nice purple and white perennial spring cut flowers.
Bee’s Friend Phacelia tanacetifolia                  30/ 3.00
Beautiful spirals of purple flowers, which the bees love, especially the bumblebees.
Borage- Borago officinalis                                            30 /3.00
Star shaped edible blue-pink flowers great on salad,
re-seeding annual.
AMARANTHACEAE- Greens, and grains; self-sowing survival foods.
Amaranth- also known as kiwicha in the Andes.
Golden Amaranth Amaranthus hypochondriacus  100/ 3.00
Large golden plumes on 3-5 foot plants. Great for bouquets.
Hartman’s Giant, Amaranthus cruentus                     100/ 3.00
Thriving, 6-8 feet tall with thick plumose tops full of tiny black
seeds, prolific.   
Elephant Head, Amaranthus andeana                         100/ 3.00
Beautiful, thick burgundy columns, 3 to 5 feet tall.
Pendent Amaranthus caudatus                                      50/ 3.00
Thick magenta plumes of hanging color, plants can get 4 ft tall and hang to the ground.
Celosia- Cristate Celosia cristata                                 30/3.00
Transfixing magenta velvet flower spikes, 8in to 12in tall
CHENOPODIACEAE- now in Amaranthaceae
Beets- Three Root Grex, Beta vulgaris                        40/ 4.00
Interbreeding mix of gold, pink & purple heirlooms.
Buckwheat- Fagopyrum esculentum                              50/ 3.00
Faro Chenopodium quinoa                                           100 / 4.00             
Beautiful nutritious Andean grain with white seeds, 3-4ft plants.
Kcoito Chenopodium quinoa                                        100/ 4.00
Beautiful mix of Golds, Pinks and  Purple seeds, from Seed Dreams.                          
Double Purple Orach- Atriplex hortensis                    40 / 3.00
Magenta bright, spring thru fall salad, great fresh and cooked
Old Dominion- Spinacea oleracea                              40/ 4.00
Excellent, savoy leaf cultivar, heirloom.
Red Veined Spinacea oleracea                                     40/ 4.00
Beautiful unique pointed leaf red veined spinach.
Purslane- Portulaca oleracea                                       50/ 3.00
Ground creeping edible,  highly nutritious
LAMIACEAE The Mint family
Genovese Sweet, Ocimum basilicum                          100 / 3.00
Large fragrant green leaves, great pesto.
Tulsi (Holy Basil) Ocimum sanctum                                       50/ 3.00
Adaptogen, excellent in tea. Important herb, fresh and dried.
Catnip- Nepeta cataria,                                              100 / 3.00
Hardy perennial feline euphoric and human medicinal. 
Lavender-Munstead Lavandula angustifolia             100/ 3.00
Shades of Sesame Sesamum indicum                           25/ 3.00
A grex; inter-breeding population of black to tan seeds.
Bread Seed Poppy- Papaver somniferum                  100/ 3.00
Culinary seed used in baking, and great garden flower
Carnation poppies Papaver somniferum
Gorgeous pink spring double and single flowers.      100/ 3.00
Cornfield Poppy mix Papaver rhoeas                       100/ 3.00
Beautiful spring color.
Atlas Poppy, Papaver ruprifragum                           100/ 3.00
Early beautiful orange flowered hardy perennial.
Snapdragon mix          Antirrhinum majus                 50/ 3.00
Columbine mix Aquilegia vulgaris                
Mix of purples, pinks, with large and small flowers    50/ 3.00
SOLANACEAE-  Mostly from the new world, now global.
Giant Groundcherry Physalis peruviana                     25/ 3.00
3-4ft semi-erect plants, excellent sweet round orange fruits, annual in a temperate zone,  or subtropical perennial.
All peppers are grown outside without plastic, unless noted that they are grown in the greenhouse.
Aci Sivri Cayenne Capsicum annuum                        30/ 3.00
Heirloom from Turkey, 6-9” medium hot fruits, 2’ plants,
A productive and flavorful hot pepper in Pacific Northwest.   
Criolla Sella Capsicum baccatum v. baccatum           30 /3.00
Beautiful 1ft bushes, loaded with 2-3in orange hot fruits, prolific and more hardy then most peppers, from Bolivia.
Red Chile Manzano (Rocoto) Capsicum pubescens  25/ 4.00
2.5x 1.5in fruits with spicy fleshy fruits, purple flowers and black seeds, a sub-tropical perennial, green house grown.
Cuneo Bell Capsicum annuum                                       20/ 3.00
Gold fruits, performs well in our climate.
Bell Pepper Grex Capsicum annuum                           20/ 3.00
Vigorous for the Pacific Northwest, red and gold  large bells with thick flesh.
Jalapeño Capsicum annuum                                        25/ 3.00
Productive, spicy beauties, delicious pickled.
Hawaiian Chili Capsicum  frutescens                                      20/3.00
About 1inch long, spicy, and perfect for spicing up just about anything,  greenhouse grown, brought from Big Island Hawaii. 
Poblano Capsicum annuum                                        30/ 3.00
Prolific in our climate, excellent when stuffed and roasted
San Pueblo Nicotiana rustica                                   100/ 3.00
Scherazi Nicotiana tabaccum                                   100/ 3.00
Tomatillo- Grex  Physalis philadelphica                     25/3.00
Mixture of sizes and color green to purple and all inbetween colors, productive, beautiful and tasty.
Amish Paste Solanum lycopersicum                             30/ 3.00
Indeterminate vines with long lasting medium fruits, excellent
flavor, fresh or sauce.
Andean Paste Solanum lycopersicum                         25/ 3.00
Heirloom, indeterminate, 3-5” pointed fruits
Baylor Paste Solanum lycopersicum                            25/ 3.00
Red 3-4 oz egg shaped fruits on indeterminate vines, productive and long lasting.
Black Cherry Solanum lycopersicum                          25/ 3.00
 Indeterminte, tasty purple cherry tomato
Black Emperor Solanum lycopersicum                        25/ 3.00
Purple, medium sized tomatos on indetrmenate plants.
Brad’s Black Oxheart Solanum lycopersicum              25/ 3.00
Indeterminate large dense purple tomato.
Red Centiflor Solanum lycopersicum                           25/ 3.00
¾ in cherry tomatoes, in huge clusters, on indeterminate vines.
Centi-flor=hundred flowers=hyper-tress, Breeding by Peace Seeds.
Orange Centiflor Solanum lycopersicum                    20/ 5.00 
Indeterminate plants with hyper-tresses of orange tasty tomatoes. Peace Seedlings Original.
Yellow Centiflor          Solanum lycopersicum             25/ 3.00
Hyper-tresses of yellow tomatoes on indeterminate vine, Peace Seeds original.
Chocolate Cherry Solanum lycopersicum                   25/ 3.00
Excellent purple cherry tomato in the top 5 of 50 in our taste test. Indeterminate.
Geranium Kiss Solanum lycopersicum                         30/ 3.00
Stocky 2ft determinate plants, w/ hyper-tresses of 20-70,
1oz fruits, 3-4 sets, a “one-stake wonder”, AMK original. 
Gold Roma  Solanum lycopersicum                               20/ 3.00
Productive, orange long lasting fruits on short determinate plants. 
Joe Pesch Solanum lycopersicum                                   20/ 3.00
Indeterminate Italian heirloom. Unique shaped dense pink fruit.
Palestinian Solanum lycopersicum                              25/ 3.00
Heirlooom with very large flavorful fruits, 1/2-2# on indeterminate vines, from Palestine, Ohio. Heirloom.
Peacevine Cherry Solanum lycopersicum                    30/ 3.00
Selected from hybrid (Sweet 100), by Alan Kapuler beginning
in 1973. Vigorous indeterminate vines, mixture of tress types. High in vitamin C and GABA, an amino acid and neurotransmitter.
Stupice  Solanum lycopersicum                                                30/ 3.00
Very early indeterminate, productive clusters of medium fruits.
Arugula- Roquette Eruca sativa                                100/ 3.00
European salad plant. One of our salad favorites. 
Nutribud Brassica oleracea v. italica                         100/ 4.00
Vigorous all season cultivar. High in glutamine, an important amino acid. Original by Peace Seeds.
Cress- Curly Cress Lepidium sativum                        100/ 3.00
Quick growing mildly spicy salad plant.
Cabbage- Boxer- Brassica oleracea                            100/ 3.00
Flat top purple cabbage. From Belarus.
Kale- All cultivars are especially tasty after a hard frost.
Frizee Brassica napus                                                   100/ 3.00
Beautiful double curled kale, Peace Seeds original.
Lacinato  Brassica oleracea                                         100/ 3.00
Dark green savoy leaf,  Italian heirloom
Savoy Brassica oleracea                                              100/ 3.00
Curly leaf, shades of green, lots of variation.   
Steely Green Brassica oleracea                                   100/ 3.00
Beautiful mostly glossy leaves, Peace Seeds original.
Mustard- Red Giant Brassica juncea                        100/ 3.00
2-3 ft plants; large, purple beautiful leaves, self- sowing
Dijon Brassica hirta Used to make Dijon mustard.    100/  3.00
Sweet Rocket- Hesperis matronalis                           100/ 3.00
Beautiful fragrant spring purple flowers, great re-seeding cut flower, perennial.
Turnips- Six Root Grex  Brassica campestris ssp. rapifera 
A mix of cultivars that adapt to local gardens with fine
roots and tops.                                                                100/ 3.00
Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa  Medicinal, used to make hibiscus tea, Grown in our greenhouse as an annual.               10/ 3.00
Marshmallow- Althaea officinalis
 Mucilaginous, vigorous medicinal root              30/ 3.00
Mashua  Tropaeolm tuberosum
Vigorous and edible tuberous rooted nasturtium. Produces in abundance when earthed up.  Vining habit with beautiful nectar filled small orange flowers that bloom in fall, that hummingbirds love. We are offering 2 variaties this year.
v. pilifera -                                             1 tuber/ $5+ $2 S & H
Tubers are cream colored, with purple eyes, 4-8” long.
Puca Anu-                                             1 tuber/$5 +$2 S & H
Purple stripes over a yellow tuber, 2-6” long.
Nasturtium mix-          Tropaeolum majus                  15/ 3.00
Self-seeding, salad flowers and greens.
 Achocha Cyclanthera brachystegia                             15/ 4.00
One of the Andean vegetables, unique  edible 1-2 inch green 
crunchy  young fruits eaten  raw or cooked, growing on prolific
vines, thriving in  cool wet weather.
Caigua Cyclanthera pedata                                          10/ 4.00
Another Andean food plant, beautiful vigorous vine, 3 to 6 inch
fruits, thrives in cool weather. Eaten raw or cooked.
Cucumber- Mideast Peace Cucumis sativus               20/ 4.00
Great smooth skinned type, 4 to 6 ft vines with many sets of 5-7in fruits. Peace Seeds original.
Melon- Ha-ogen Cucumis melo                                    20/ 3.00
Excellent green fleshed Israeli melon, round fruits, they dehiss
(let go of vine) and the skins yellow when ripe.
Squash- All squash and zucchini are hand pollinated to ensure
clean lines.
Buttercup Cucurbita maxima                                         10/ 4.00
Deep orange flesh, excellent flavor, 3-5 lb green fruits on vines. 
Sweet Potato Delicata Cucurbita pepo                         10/ 4.00
Tasty, 6-8 in fruits, on vines.
Sweetmeat Cucurbita maxima                                       10/ 4.00
Great tasting heirloom,  vines with large fruits.
Watermelon- Early Moonbeam Citrullus vulgaris  15/ 3.00
Delicious early yellow 2-5 lb melons, grows well in cool weather as well as warm.
Peace Seeds original.
Zucchini- Costata Romanesca Cucurbita pepo          10/4.00
Heirloom ribbed delicious fruits, on vigorous vines, productive.
Golden Bush Cucurbita pepo                                       10/4.00
Bright golden fruits, on compact plant
FABACEAE-nitrogen fixers and homes for rhizobial microbes.
Adzuki Vigna angularis                                                30/3.00
The red bean of China, delicious quick cooking beans.
Alice Sunshine Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris            20/3.00
Large vigorous plants, flat green 5-7in pods, fine flavor.
Original by Robert Lobitz.
Biko Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris                              30/ 3.00
Beautiful tresses 5-6”pods, vine AMK original.
Black Mitla Tepary Phaseolus acutifolius                   40/ 3.00
Productive heirloom, with sprawling bushes.
Blauhilda Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris                     30/ 3.00
Productive, purple podded snap, from Adaptive Seeds.
Bountiful Bush Wax Phaseolus vulgaris                     30/ 3.00
Great tasting, productive yellow snap bush bean.
Chome Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris                                     30/ 3.00
Vigorous, snap vine, selected by AMK.
Crane Lake Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris               20/ 3.00
 Beautiful seeds in 5-6 inch pods, Lobitz original.
Domatsu Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris                      30/ 3.00
Excellent 6-7 inch beans carried in clusters. Productive breeding by AMK
Dow Purple Pod Snap Pole  Phaseolus vulgaris         30/3.00
Vigorous heirloom 7-8 inch purple snap beans.
Dylys Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris                          30/ 3.00
Excellent, pickled, fresh, blistered, makes many sets of beans.
Edens Prairie Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris            30/3.00
Beautiful white and red seeds, snap and soup cultivar. Lobitz.
Fagiolina Del Trasimeno Vigna unguiculata              30/ 3.00
Beautiful mix of seed colors, on productive twinning plants, Italian heirloom.
Goldmarie Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris                   20/ 3.00
Productive, heirloom wax romano bean 8-10 in broad, yellow pods, excellent raw and cooked.
Hutterite Soup Bush Phaseolus vulgaris                    25/ 3.00
Great heirloom, makes epic creamy bean soup.
Jack in the Beanstalk Runner Phaseolus coccineus v. albus Heirloom from Poland. Large white seeds, remarkable 20 ft vines. Snap and epic soup bean.                            10/ 4.00
Long Lake Giant Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris       20/ 3.00 Very productive 7in green pods. Lobitz original.
Maggie’s Crescent Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris
Unique beautiful seeds, 5 inch pods, Lobitz original.      20/ 3.00
New Mexico Cave Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris        25/ 3.00
Mid-season vines with excellent 6in snap pods, found
buried in a cave in a clay pot, sealed with pine pitch and
C-14 dated to 1500  years ago. Brown and white mottled seeds.
Purple Amazon Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris     20/ 3.00
Beautiful tasty purple pods, worth growing. Lobitz original.
Red Swan Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris                  20/ 3.00
Early red-pink skinned 5” round pods, tasty, original by Robert Lobitz.
Robert’s Royalty Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris      20/ 3.00
Great purple snaps, quickest to mature of Lobitz purple beans.
Romano Snap Pole Phaseolus vulgaris                      20/ 3.00
Broad 8-10” pods, 8’ vines, tasty. White seeded romano bean.
Rose Creek Beauty Snap Bush Phaseolus vulgaris  20/ 3.00
6-7 inch round green snap pods, a Lobitz original. Great soup bean.
Scarlet Emperor Runner Phaseolus coccineus        20/ 3.00
Excellent cultivar, scarlet flowers setting 6 to10 inch pods, on 6-10 foot vines, great snap and soup bean. Heirloom.
Shinshu Runner Phaseolus coccineus                        8/ 4.00
Unique bean from Japan, with the largest bean we have seen, red flowers.
Withner’s True Cornfield pole Phaseolus vulgaris   20/ 4.00
Heirloom passed on to Peace Seeds by the great orchidologist Carl L.Withner, he will be well remembered, and live on through the plants.
Yard Long Beans (Yalobe) Vigna unguiculata          20/ 4.00
Mostly  purple 16” pods, 10’ vines, delicious in stirfries,
greenhouse grown, likes warm nights.                                              
Iant’s Yellow Vicia faba                                               15/ 3.00
Unique yellow seeds, original of Peace Seeds, named after botanical and cob wizard Ianto Evans.
Longpod Major Vicia faba                                          15/3.00
3-4 ft  plants, 8 in pods with up to 5 large  tasty seeds per pod.
Garbanzo- Munk’s Moroccan Cicer arietinum
Purple flowers, tan-brown seeds,  productive.                   20/ 3.00
Lupines- Russell’s Lupine Lupinus polyphyllus           30/ 3.00
Beautiful mix of reds, purple, pinks and more.  
Fenugreek- Trigonella foenum-graecum  from Greece 30/ 3.00
Peas-All pea varieties are Peace Seeds and Peace Seedlings originals.
Green Beauty Vine Pisum sativum                               30/ 3.00
Beautiful purple flowers, 8 inch vines, Extra-large snow/snap peas, excellent when left  to mature, then some puff out.
Magnolia Blossom Snap Vine Pisum sativum           30/ 3.00
Prolific tasty green snap peas, 6-8 foot tall purple flowered vines, with  hyper-tendrils (HT) which are multiplied tendrils, giving them many more curls to hold themselves up and climb.
Opal Creek Snap Vine Pisum sativum                       30/ 3.00
Tasty yellow snap pods, 6 foot vine, heat tolerant, named in commemoration of the struggle for the old growth forests.
Oregon Hyper-tendril Snow Bush Pisum sativum    20/ 5.00
3ft bush, Hyper-tendril, purple flowered bush snow peas. Selecting by Peace Seedlings.
Spring Blush Snap Vine Pisum sativum                      30/ 3.00
Vigorous 6-8 ft HT vines, green snap peas with pink blush.
Spring Rose Snow Vine Pisum sativum                      20/ 5.00
Pink flowered medium sized, vine snow pea. Peace Seedlings original.
Sugaree Snap Vine Pisum sativum                              30/ 3.00
Productive, sweet green snap peas on 8’ vines, with white flowers.
Sugar Magnolia Snap Vine Pisum sativum                20/ 4.00
Productive, delicious purple podded snap pea, with purple flowers on 8ft  HT vines, one of a kind.
Sweet Elma Snap Bush Pisum sativum                       20/ 5.00
Hyper-tendril purple flower  3ft  bush, snap pea. Named for Grandma Elma, and her love of peas. Selected by Peace Seedlings.
Pigeon Pea- Cajanus cajan                                           20/ 4.00
 3-6 ft bushy perennial, used for dahl. Greenhouse grown.
Soybeans  - Glycine max  
Varieties range in maturing times from July to November.
Aoyu                                                                               25/ 3.00
Mid-season productive edamame, green seeds 14 inch plants.  
Black Hokkaido                                                            25/ 3.00
Productive, mid-early season, makes lavender tofu, beautiful.
Black Pearl  nutty edamame, early-mid.                         25/ 3.00
Cha Kura Kake                                                             25/ 3.00
2 foot, bi-color seeds, midseason, 46% protein.  
Hidatsa 1’ tall early edamame, light green seeds.           25/ 3.00
Hakucho                                                                        25/ 3.00
Productive, large mid-season edamame, 2 foot tall.        
Jewel                                                                              25/ 3.00
2-3 foot plants with beautiful bicolor seeds, productive.           
Sapporo Midori                                                           25/ 3.00
Mid-early, long standing as edamame.
Soyamasume productive, mid-season edamame.            25/ 3.00
Tengamine Early large edamame.                                 25/ 3.00
Tohya Mid-season edamame, light green seeds.             25/ 3.00
Vinton 81 Late, yellow seeds, high oil.                          25/ 3.00
Oca Oxalis tuberosa
Beautiful brightly colored tubers, tuberizing after equinox,
harvested late fall, after frost. Important food plant to the Andean mountain peoples. 
Mixed Oca  (Min. 7 varieties)                           12 tubers /10.00
Bulk- Mixed Oca                           $50/lb +$7 per pound S+H
Amarillo(yellow)                                                6 tubers /10.00
Bolivian Red (red and yellow)                         10 tubers /10.00
Blush Yellow(yellow with pink blush)               5 tubers/ 10.00
Creamy Yellow                                                  6 tubers/ 10.00
Hopin (pink and white)                                     12 tubers /10.00
Hopin Alba (white)                                            5 tubers/ 10.00
Mexican Red(dark red)                                    12 tubers /10.00
Moonshine(light bright yellow)                        10 tubers /10.00
Rosy Gems (blushed pink)                                10 tubers /10.00
Sunset (orange/pink with red eyes)                   12 tubers /10.00
Twilight(Yellow with pink eyes)                       5 tubers /10.00
Terms of Business
We are responsible that the seeds we supply are correctly labeled and fertile. We are glad to reimburse anyone dissatisfied to the cost of the seeds and no more, or to re-supply given kinds. We are not responsible for the mis-use of the seeds or the plants that arise from them. Our seeds exceed state and federal germination requirements. We list the minimum number of seeds per packet. Frequently we pack more, depending on the harvest. The majority of the seeds are grown in our 2.5-acre garden. The remainder come from our home backyard garden with the few exceptions that are grown in collaboration with our family.